Keratin Treatment After Olaplex

keratin treatment after olaplex

13 feb. 2019 — It’s recommended to wait a minimum of two weeks – the keratin forms a sort of “ shrink wrap” seal on the hair, so it needs to break down enough for the olaplex to …
9 oct. 2017 — After the treatment is done, I clarify the hair twice. And just in case you were thinking it, no, the Olaplex doesn’t block the smoothing treatment …
While Olaplex works from within the hair fiber at a molecular level, the keratin only repairs the external part of the hair fiber. This is why Olaplex is recommended for …
Can I use this on Keratin or color-treated hair?
KERATIN TREATMENTS: The Olaplex Bond Reparation System works great with keratin treatments. By using this beforehand, hair will be silkier, softer, shinier …
Wait about two weeks before using Olaplex No 3. to regenerate broken bonds in your hair. Consider doing Olaplex stand-alone treatment prior to the next keratin …
Olaplex works very well as a strengthening pre-treatment for a Brazilian Blowout or keratin treatment. Olaplex stand-alone treatment should be performed before …
19 iul. 2019 — are safe to use after a Keratin treatment as they do not contain sodium chloride. Sodium Chloride is what you need to avoid as it quickly eats …
keratin treatment after olaplex

Frequently Asked Questions – OLAPLEX

Olaplex FAQ

Repairing Hair Damage: Olaplex vs. Protein Treatments |

Olaplex relinks the bonds responsible for giving your hair strength, shape, and elasticity. Protein treatments work to temporarily fill in cracks along the cuticle.

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Hi 🙂 I’m Tanya an educator with the Olaplex company and I can easily answer your question for you. When you get a keratin treatment you will want to

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Got a keratin treatment done and waiting til 72 hours to wash my hair. I’m considering purchasing olaplex 3 from Sephora to use occasionally on my …

Why You Should Get an Olaplex Treatment Before Your Next Keratin

Olaplex vs Keratin treatment: Which one should you choose for your hair?

Many women share the same doubt—is olaplex or keratin better for their hair? Here I’ll help you to decide which is the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions – OLAPLEX

Olaplex FAQ

Caring for Your Hair after Brazilian Keratin Treatment | Softer Hair

You need to take special care of your hair to make sure that it lasts. Brazilian keratin treatments wash away gradually over time.

Five Uses of Olaplex | Softer Hair

When used as a color additive, Olaplex prevents hair damage from exposure to harsh chemicals.

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Hi everyone, A 3a curly lady here that used to go for weekly blow outs for a more polished look. I got exhausted of wasting time and money just to